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By: Penny Tao
As representation of the next generation of mobile PC, the Tablet PC takes the top position among the choices for the young people to surf internet. By means of Tablet PC, we can watch online videos and electric books without considering the place and time. As a Generation X, I bought myself an Archos 101 as a gift. However, as time goes by I feel the font, Task Icon Shortcut and the boot screen boring due to they are all the same under the common Android platform. Then I spend much energy to beautify my screen on Archos 101. here I will introduce my methods of beautifying my Archos 101.

First of all, I will talk about how to prettify the system font. In the windows system, we can change the system characters as we like to make them more beautiful, while the Tablet PC using the Android system is not able to change the font. However, we can also change them by making use of the corresponding modify tools. Take the Archos 101 and Archos 32 as the examples: we can us the Font Manager to change the original font. Download the favored font style in the format of “ttf” and then store them in the memory card and copy and install them into the Archos 101. Turn on the Archos 101 or 32, operating the Font Manager and click the backup button following the tips, and then click the install button to choose the font style in the Font Manager. Restart Archos and you will find your font in the screen are changed.

The Task Icon Shortcut can also be personalized. Before install the software you need, you should change the suffix from the APK to ZIP, and decompress them to find the document named icon.png and get its size. The next step is to edit the new picture to the same size of the document. After downloading and installing the APK signature tools, and pull the folder of drawable to the icon of APK signature to create the install bag. In the end, exit from the window and find the APK install document, copy and install it to the Archos 101 or Archos 32, then you will find the original icons are replaced by the pictures you created.

In conclusion, the Archos 101 Tablet PC is convenient for us enjoy the internet without concerning the time and place, and if we can spend a little time to research it, you will find it will surprise you than you can image.

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