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By: Genia Timmons
What type of fryer do you need? Allow the bird to cool on a wire rack, or any location that allows for oil drainage. All the masterbuilt electric turkey fryer parts are manufactured to perfection and using the utmost interest given to it. It's a gas powered model that comes complete with a 30qt capacity stock pot, vented lid, and a thermometer for easy monitoring the progress of the bird. Check on your fries from time to time, or they might get overcooked and dry. Fortunately, having a low fat chip maker we are able to still supply our craving for chips, but without having the surplus calories that comes from the cooking oil. Remove the turkey, the take a ruler and measure from the current water level to the top of the pot. Another good thing about it is the safety lock on its lid. Put the turkey into the pan, and tent another sheet of foil over the top. Not only this, onions contain quercetin and phenol, which are antioxidants.
The deep fryer is on a timer and part way through the cooking process the timer sets off an alarm which notifies you that it's time to stir the chicken, so it gets all sides cooked evenly, even the sides touching when first put in the fryer. The fryer also needs to be at least two feet from the tank. A ten pound turkey will take around 35 minutes to cook thoroughly, so estimate the time for cooking as per the weight of the turkey. And yet, these deep fryers features were also designed to allow you to attend to some other chores while cooking and then be able to get again to it in time without burning your food. Safety is one of the most important things that has to be kept in mind while frying a turkey. If used carefully, a fryer can also be used to cook fruit fritters, samosas and tempura. Mix it into batter and keep aside. When you need to find commercial fryers and gas fryers, there is some very important information that you have to keep in mind as you shop around for exactly what you need. Sea salt, 2 tbsp.

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